This downsized iteration of Emerge Walkout offers a seamless blend of age-in-place functionality and contemporary living without compromising on style or comfort. Carefully designed indoor and outdoor access points prioritize accessibility while preserving the sleek modern aesthetic. The main living spaces, including the great room, dining area, screen porch, and expansive deck, seamlessly emerge from the natural landscape, enhancing the home's connection to its surroundings. Horizontal roof forms accentuate this integration.

At the front entrance, a clerestory window floods the great room with natural light, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. Interior clear and frosted glass elements provide glimpses of the lush forest scenery, framing picturesque views throughout the home. Unique features abound, including two dedicated home offices, a spacious walk-in pantry, an amazing fireplace and a luxurious dressing room "retreat" adjacent to the master suite, offering a private oasis within the home's modern confines. This home comes with an optional sports court. Picture stepping through the doors of this modern home and being greeted by the unexpected sight of an indoor sports court. This bespoke optional addition to the residence is a true testament to the fusion of luxury living and active lifestyle.

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