• Initial Inquiry through online/call Questionnaire:

    Gather basic information about your project, such as project type, size, budget, and timeline…….

  • The Questionnaire:

    We developed a comprehensive questionnaire to delve deeper into your needs, preferences, and vision for the project. Questions will include info about functional requirements, aesthetic preferences, sustainability goals, and any specific site considerations.

  • Initial Meeting:

    Schedule a meeting to discuss the project in more detail and gather additional information. Use this meeting to establish rapport, clarify expectations, and understand your priorities. Answer questions about Modern Oasis, our designs and our process. Discuss Modern Oasis designs being considered for your project, or custom approaches that could be taken (contingent upon site review)

  • Site Visit:

    If you have an existing lot or looking at on-market lots, then we can Conduct a site visit to assess the physical conditions, context, and constraints of the project site. This step is crucial for understanding how the proposed design will integrate with its surroundings. You share the legal description of the site, along with all surveys that describe the physical characteristics, and major tree locations. We will review your site’s geotechnical report. We will Collect and review your communitie's specific zoning and building requirements to help select the perfect Modern Oasis Design. Site visits, property assessments, survey and geotechnical consultation are available at the hourly rate stated in your contract

  • Contract Negotiation and Signing:

    Prior to any additional work done, negotiate the terms of the contract and ensure all parties are in agreement. Sign the contract to formalise the relationship and move forward with the Phases of the project detailed in the Agreement. *Time-lines and estimates for engineering, building and builder allowances for interior/exterior materials, finishes, fixtures and appliances are calculated with the builder. Final project timing, build cost and allowances will be based on the final estimate from the qualified builder you select, site specific variables like soil, grade and municipal requirements. Target timing assumes prompt feedback and availability of builder, contractor(s) and client.

  • Concept Development:

    Based on the information gathered, develop initial design concepts that reflect the client's vision and requirements. Present these concepts to the client for feedback and refinement.

  • Design Development:

    Once a concept is selected, further develop the design, considering technical requirements, building codes, and budget constraints. Collaborate closely with the client to ensure the design meets their expectations and goals.

  • Presentation Meetings:

    Schedule regular presentation meetings to update the client on the design progress and solicit feedback. Use visual aids such as renderings, 3D models, and sketches to effectively communicate design ideas.

  • Refinement and Finalization:

    Iterate on the design based on client feedback, making adjustments as necessary to achieve the desired outcome. Finalize the design and prepare construction documents for permit submission and construction. Personalized Finish selections. One revision of your model. Final cost estimate is based on final selections and builder allowances. Final time-line based on builder feedback. Transition and hand-off to Builder.

  • Project Kickoff:

    Schedule a kickoff meeting to establish project milestones, timelines, and communication protocols. Begin the implementation phase, coordinating with contractors, engineers, and other stakeholders as needed. Transition and hand-off to Builder.

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