The Modern Oasis Difference

What we do

Intelligently merge the strengths of innovative building technologies with the warm modern design of Charles Stinson homes. The results are a beautiful, high quality, high value, option for the modern home buyer, builder and developer.

What Modern Oasis homes feel like

Modern Oasis homes are a composition of space, light and warmth.
They are open and flowing, unobtrusive and essential. Our homes are thoughtfully designed, beautiful and comfortable. Warmth, quality and practicality are designed into every surface, every view, every detail, inside and out.

How we do it

Modern Oasis combines local and regional design, architecture, builders and construction methods developed for the unique challenges and diverse thermo conditions of the Midwest.  Because we are starting with extreme and varied conditions, we are designing and building a platform ready for reapplication across geographies and to programs ranging from high end, custom single family, to well appointed, repeatable multi-family.  

Our Versatile Platform, Thoughtful Modern Design, and Intelligent use of cutting edge building technology combine to create better homes for occupants, better value for buyers and a better products for developers while doing our part to move the building industry forward.


Modern Oasis is a full service Architecture and Design firm built on the foundation and design philosophy of Charles Stinson Architects. Our focus is on optimization and perfection of your home to be perfectly suited to your lifestyle, maximizing the qualities of your site while utilizing building methods and materials to maximize value without sacrificing beauty, warmth or quality.

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Efficient, Intelligent and Beautiful homes and communities:

Modern Oasis desires to partner with forward looking developer and builder partners to create beautiful, intelligently built homes and communities. We have a unique offering that helps builders and developers stand out with award winning Charles Stinson modern design, a portfolio of repeatalbe designs, and a team with 30 plus years of experience seeing projects through to the end.  Value and beauty will be realized at every step in the design, build and sales process for developer, builder and buyer alike.

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